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Policy background


·In June this year, the National Energy Administration issued the notice of the comprehensive Department of the National Energy Administration on submitting the pilot scheme of roof distributed photovoltaic development in the whole county (city, district), accelerating the development of roof distributed photovoltaic, and plans to organize and carry out the pilot work of roof distributed photovoltaic development in the whole county (city, district) throughout the country.

·21 provinces and cities across the country have simultaneously issued a notice on the centralized promotion pilot of roof distributed photovoltaic in the whole county (city and district). Through the centralized promotion pilot in the whole county, we can reduce the cost of urban and rural electricity, promote the development of new energy industries such as advanced photovoltaic, and effectively reduce carbon emissions in the energy field.

Service subject

·Industrial, commercial and household photovoltaic roof power stations: photovoltaic power stations developed by using roof resources such as plants and public buildings

·Agricultural light complementary and fishery light complementary distributed photovoltaic power station: using the characteristics of no pollution and zero emission of photovoltaic power generation, it is organically combined with high-tech greenhouse, with both power generation capacity and growth environment support.


service content

·Provide customers with general contracting services for the development, design, procurement and construction of high-quality photovoltaic power generation projects.

·Undertake a complete set of solutions from resource demonstration, preliminary planning, scheme selection, feasibility study, engineering design, project management, installation, construction and commissioning to system operation, power generation and system maintenance.


Whole process of project development

Early development

  • Find project resources   

  • Preliminary communication with the owner 

  •  Preliminary data collection   

  • Site survey 

  • Technical scheme calculation 

  •  Determine development intention 

  •  Sign relevant agreements

Project filing

  • National Development and Reform Commission project filing   

  • Power grid company access approval

Design and construction

Grid connection acceptance

Energy storage

Shared energy storage

In terms of policy, the 14th five year plan clearly proposes to develop the energy storage industry, and the new energy vehicle development plan (2021-2035) encourages the construction of "light storage, charging and discharging" multi-functional integrated station.

Market demand: after the new energy becomes the main energy, the energy storage demand will be released rapidly, and the light storage will be fully affordable. After the carbon peak reaches, the energy storage will comprehensively replace the thermal power and undertake the peak shaving and frequency modulation functions of the main power grid, and the proportion of thermal power units will further decline.

Social benefits: carbon emission reduction; Promote the consumption of scenery; Carbon trading and green card cost improve economy; Peak shaving and frequency modulation benefits; Lower battery costs.


Energy storage products cover various application scenarios

frequency modulationPower grid peak shavingUser measurement and MicrogridNew energy supportingOptical storage integration

Combined frequency modulation of generator set

Independent peak shaving and frequency modulation power station

Substation peak shaving

Peak shaving in station area (pole transformer, box transformer and Jiefang station)

Light storage filling peak valley arbitrage

Wind light reserve power supply

It is applied in the new energy power generation side to solve the problem of abandoning light and wind

Photovoltaic supporting energy storage

"Energy storage +" is applied in various scenarios to form a new system正版蓝月亮精选资料