driven … by what?

From Basics of Resistance by Claire Wolff and Kit Perez:

“Every person is driven, at the core, by a deep-seated need. An individual may crave acceptance, love, power, money, recognition, honor, or something else. In many cases, people don’t know themselves well enough to know what their primal drive is, or they tend to see their drive as solely positive.

They might think their drive is “to serve” or to “stand up for liberty,” but these aren’t primal drives; those desires are driven by underlying primal drives. To reach the core, we need to ask ourselves why, enough times to that everything is stripped down to basic elements.”


Hmmm, I’m not sure it is working for me.
How about you?
Why are you doing what you do?


I just completed reading The Basics Of Resistance. Lew Rockwell read it too, and his full review is reached by clicking the link embedded in the book title above.

However, the basic question I am asking myself and answering publicly is why do I run for key political offices, publish anti-establishment blogs for over a decade, organize and recruit Libertarians (hmmm political organizer … wasn’t that the entire resume of a recent POTUS?) … why do I spend so much time and energy resisting tyranny?

My fall-back answer is that I grew up under the thumbs of two bullies. I HATE BULLIES. I know them to be mean as well as weak and shallow. I use whatever craft, wiles, power I can muster to squash ’em … whether they are my bullies or anybody else’s. They are 100% outsmart-able. Wit is one attribute they failed to develop.

What else?
Anything else?
Am I that simple?

No. I guess I fight for liberty. I cannot stand non-liberty, so I am fighting for myself there. But by happy coincidence, I am fighting for good people and against … BULLIES.

The next reason that came into my head was “Freedom”. Mine, yours and everybody around me … well, anywhere I can affect, for that matter. We all deserve to win, lose and draw. I cannot imagine surviving fetters … of whatever form they may take. My head would explode. My body would shut down.

I admit to no altruism. It may appear I selflessly attack tyranny. It would be nice to consider myself that noble. The truth I confess is I cannot have my liberty if my community does not also have theirs.

I dunno about other motivations. That is all I could come up with for me.

P.S. The book Basics of Resistance was a good read; a valuable resource. I do recommend it. It covers all levels of resistance – not just the wild-man anti-bully fanatic, but everything from tiny, subtleties to planning for your arrest.. Check out Lew’s review.

Super Pup, part 1

Missy’s Beagle Lab cross is more the former than the latter. Scooter is fundamentally a pack dog. She’s been pack-less nearly all her life. That is not the best situation for a Beagle brain. It has her more nervous than she would be in her natural habitat.

I am more attracted to dogs of substance. Size, muscle, but most of all, self confidence. I have surreptitiously been watching for a mastiff downline mixed with another medium sized breed. Mutt, but with some genetics that are known for peaceful self-confidence and strong intelligence.

I also wanted a situation where the dog came to us without the baggage of a bad start in an ugly home. Most of all, I wanted to sort through a litter for behaviors that result in a balanced adult dog.

In the last week, we got all that in a German Shepherd / Pit Bull cross puppy.

When I told Missy I was headed for this adoption she did not like it. When the breeder dropped the price to $100, I agreed to take one. Then Missy insisted I web-search the combination.

I expected this to be flukey-rare with no search results.

Wrong. Many consider this a ‘designer breed’, with the going price being in the $600 to $800 range. The reviews are excellent. People LOVE this blend.

BOSCO is already showing multiple signs of being that special dog I was hoping for.

Of course it helps that we are paying attention, but at only 8 weeks he communicates a desire to go outside, then promptly poops and pees where we prefer it to happen. Sure there have been accidents, but precious few. We don’t make any fuss about them, but do congratulate him enthusiastically about his successes.

This is a stage I expect out of 10-weeks and older, not 8.

Here we are at Day 4.

He has become comfortable both indoors and out.
He built a rapport with Scooter.
They now have developed play they can share.
He trots confidently all over the place.
He takes toys and favored beds from Scooter.
He comes when I kneel and call his name.
He follows me around like a puppy.
He is tremendously friendly and happy.

Oh, and I should mention, He feels very solid and sturdy with nice eyes, alert demeanor and bright gait.

In low light evenings, he is nearly invisible but for his white toes flashing as he trots around bringing to mind the nickname “twinkle toes”.

Scooter seems to be happy with the company.
Best of all, Missy adores him too.

shame on us

My postings here were distracted by impressive events on the home front. We trusted, loved, gave without measure of ourselves and resources. We were building family: a strong nuclear, multi-generational family in an extraordinarily healthy community.

In our dream the kids, who had a bad habit of moving on every year or two, would find our world so perfect in every way that they would cherish, treasure, and work together with us to build a dream we all could share.

After all, they said so. Repeatedly.

The Woman and the Snake

An old woman was walking down the road when she saw a gang of thugs
beating a poisonous snake. She screamed at the thugs and rescued the
snake, taking it back to her home where she nursed it back to health.

One day on their way into town, the woman picked up the snake and he
bit her repeatedly. “Oh God,” she screamed, “I am dying. I am dying!”
She turned to the snake and looked it in the eyes. “I saved your life.
I was your friend. I trusted you. Why did you bite me?”

The snake turned to face her as she drew he final breath and hissed,

“What did you expect? You knew I was a snake when you took me home.”

Silly old people.

Their unexpected, inglorious, dishonorable exit was much like this:

We are feeling a bit more like the bridge was not just burned, it has been effectively nuked.

Of course that thought brings to my mind this photographic set of Detroit and Hiroshima.
People of substance build.
Hollow people consume.

The homestead is now in productive hands, guided by experience and wisdom. The three of us are industrious by nature. We thrive on making positive changes with our minds and hands.

As we begin working through the layers of planning and implementing changes to be made, there turns out to be more silver lining than black cloud.

Garden Club Cabin Tour 2017

The Friendly Gardener’s Club Toured our little piece of heaven this month. We had a lovely time. Alice was able to tell me that the “blueberries” ripe all along the road beyond us are Service berries. This is the first year in four that they have ripened. A few of us walked to the top of the knoll above our place and enjoyed the 360 degree view.


A friend made this planter for us.

Our Entry

What does one do with a bird bath that doesn’t hold water?

new white lilac

Ted builds many shelves for us; this is one of his latest.

Thanks to Carol McDonald for making everyone feel welcome.

We are on the East Fork of the Bitterroot River in Conner.

Thank you to all who came.

Thanks for bringing the cookies, Alice!

It was a gorgeous day!

Tiger Lillies in bloom.

Two-Tailed Swallowtail butterfly