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Advantages of power exchange mode

Low comprehensive cost

The power exchange mode can implement the vehicle power separation mode, maximize the application value of unpowered body, ensure the use of battery in the whole life cycle, and the economy of power exchange is obvious on the basis of certain operation intensity.

Short energy replenishment time

The power change mode enables pure electric vehicles to achieve rapid energy supplement within 3-6 minutes, meeting the actual needs of operating vehicle users for continuous operation.

Small construction difficulty

The construction area of a single power exchange station is only 150 square meters; For the same number of vehicles, the power required for power change mode is only one quarter of that of charging mode.

Long battery life

Under the power change mode, the battery will conduct long-term, stable and orderly centralized energy supplement in the power change station, and each power change is a battery physical examination to fully ensure the safety of the battery and effectively delay the attenuation of the battery.

Power exchange process

The vehicle drives into the replacement station → the mechanical arm grabs the on-board battery → moves the removed battery into the battery compartment → the vehicle drives out of the replacement station → install the new battery into the on-board battery base → the mechanical arm grabs the new battery

Short haul transshipment - port short barge, urban muck

Basic information of case scenario - 50 heavy trucks, 8-year operation period

Daily operating mileage: 250km

Annual operation days: 330 days

Basic electricity price / fuel consumption: 0.65 yuan / kWh, 6.4 yuan / L


·The service life of the unpowered body of the replacement heavy truck is longer than that of the diesel truck. During the operation period, one replacement trolley head and two batteries are used. Power exchange mode will improve resource utilization.

·Compared with diesel heavy truck, the TCD of short-distance transportation can be reduced by 10%. The use of electric heavy truck for urban residue transportation can obtain more urban road rights and generate income for users.

Efficient transportation of electric vehicles - avoid the impact of environmental protection right of way and supplement energy quickly and efficiently

·For the operation vehicles in the city, especially the muck transportation scene, the new energy heavy truck is less affected by the environmental protection policy, which increases the operation time and driving area, and improves the average transportation volume of single vehicle. At the same time, the power change mode can solve the problems such as the difficulty and time-consuming of energy supplement of new energy, realize the non-stop of people and vehicles, let the vehicles do the work of two vehicles, reduce the total vehicle purchase cost and management cost of users, and increase the operation efficiency of single vehicle.


Multi scenario application

Special line transportation

  • Coal ore transportation

  • Cement Logistics   

  • Highway railway combined transport

Regional short inversion

  • Urban muck transportation 

  •  Transportation around the port

Short fall in the field

  • Container transshipment in port 

  • Transportation in steel plant  In mine transportation


Multi vehicle matching


"Battery bank" service - partner Jinmao, China

·Partner Jinmao, China, manages battery assets based on the "separation of vehicle and electricity" model.

·Work with partners to provide battery rental and operation services for users.

·Build the R & D, design, operation and echelon utilization of batteries, as well as power exchange operation and energy network into a closed loop.

·Build a green energy digital ecological chain, establish a battery banking service system, and break the bottleneck of the large-scale promotion and development of the power exchange mode of new energy vehicles.