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Scooter arrived yesterday brought to us by Nora Norum from Great Falls, Montana. These are pics Nora put in a Craig’s list ad that compelled me to contact her. Scooter is a Beagle (my favorite breed) Yellow Lab cross. Scooter1


Scooter and Kootenai met and were soon chasing around McDonald’s yard. Chase 1

Chase 2

New buds

Nora says goodbye to Scooter. Nora

She loves the bed that was once Bella’s, McDonalds previous best friend. Bed

She wolfed her dinner, and before bed (after several fruitless walks earlier), she peed on-leash. I hand fed her her breakfast kibble one, two or three pellets at a time, hoping she will feel fuller and not be mopping up every piece of loose lint from the floor.

Fetch, up and down the hall with a ball, was fun before her breakfast. She is a real cuddler, very rewarding for Ted and me.

She also has a bed on the floor where Ted can pet her from his side of the bed. We only had to tell her “off” twice (of our bed) before she settled into her sleeping area for the night, from 10 pm until 7 am. After an exciting day we were all exhausted. We did not need to gate her in her sleeping area.

Now to be able to have a bowel movement on leash and we will be really happy. A long walk should accomplish that. She has had two servings of high quality food.