Bitterroot Amateur Radio

Bitterroot Amateur Radio

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Fully Informed Jury

Fully Informed Jury

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Libertarian Party

Libertarian Party

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Previous Pets

When I met Ted he only digital photo he had was a close up of these faces. Opie was nearly 2 when we met. Mind you, I did not care for facial hair, except on Opie.


Opie was loved his full 10 years.

Best of Opie

We purchased Liberty as a pup with ideas of breeding her but our daughter, Deedra, had other plans and she moved with her back to California.

Opie and Liberty


Jasime, Jazzy or Jazz, was a super dog who was technically too large (tall) for our current property managers and was lovingly adopted by our best friends’ daughter, Jenny, and her partner, Bryce, and added to their pack, Nommie, a black lab, and, Jasper, a dachshund mix. Kootenai, the McDonald’s dog is also in the swimming photo with Bryce.

Bryce and Jenny

Bryce and dogs