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Edwin Veghte Dunlap, USAF WWII

Edwin Veghte Dunlap is/was my father-in-law. Luckily, I was able to meet him in person a few times before he passed. He was definitely a character with an interesting story.

Ed wrote and illustrated a book about his WWII experience. I took photos of the COPY of the book that we have and then pulled those into a power point program and converted it to pdf form. I was not able to upload it here due to the size, nearly 500 megabytes. WordPress has a maximum of 128 mb uploads. I tried compressing the file but the zipped file was no smaller.

I’ll put a couple of pages (photos of them) in this post as I tell a little about his story. I had this all in an email to send, and, mistakenly, did not save the text somewhere before trying to send and, after my computer locked up, because the file was too large, causing me to have to restart my PC both times, I lost the email completely.

Well, it’s been two and a half days since I started this project and I finally scanned Ed’s log in to pdf. You can view all 166 pages when you open this link in Adobe Acrobat reader.  EVD WWII LOG. NOTE: It’s helpful to know that a click of your other mouse button in Adobe Acrobat gives you options, including “rotate clockwise”, allowing you to view pages right side up. You may have to do it again on a succeeding pages to put them back into correct viewing. Repeat as needed.

Ed went into the US Airforce. This is Propwash, his “year book” if you will, from flight school. Propwash I did not scan in the entire publication but enough that you will see what it was like and his written comments are fun to read. I scanned in a few other things that Ed kept and you can view them here: American Ex-Prisoners of War (covers with his notes only), Original Dirty Dozen and my rewrite of the second one is below, and cover only of this book. Ted’s older brother, Frank, has the original log. Hopefully, it will survive and be passed on to Ted’s son, Richard, Dunlap.

Ted has recently made a display of sorts and asked me to frame these items of his father’s. The result was this shadow box. Ted sent away for wings before he knew I knew where his father’s original wings were, and his bars. When he ordered them, and a photo of the plane his father flew, he also received this flyer of the military badges.







I heard the story many times since Ted and I married and it goes something like this. Ed’s first mission was him filling in for someone who was sick. They were shot down and his parachute didn’t fit him because it was for a smaller person, the one he was sent in place of. He had a broken leg and was quickly surrounded by peasants with pitch forks. When he asked where he was and the reply was Deutschland, he thought he’d landed in Holland and was safe. He spent the rest of the war as a prisoner in Germany.

He wasn’t wearing his uniform hat when he left the plane and the Germans said he was out of uniform and they would execute him. A local turned up wearing Ed’s hat and there was his identification in his hat on that guy’s head!

The Germans were successful at keeping Ed imprisoned, but the British were not. The prisoners were under orders from the US, through the Brits who liberated them, to wait to be processed out of the camp. Many, including Ed, did not wait and struck off cross country on bicycles and row boats to reach the English Channel where they boarded boats for home.

I never heard Ed tell the story himself, Ed was co-pilot and here’s what happened in his own words, from the book he wrote and illustrated.

“We had started at 18,000. It wouldn’t be too long til we would crash. Things were so confused, whirling and noisy, that I really didn’t know which way to go to get out. Besides, where was my chute?! I would never have found it but during one violent lurch of the ship the chest pack came from somewhere to hit me in the chest.

I was able to snap it on and finally strained to the open bomb bay but couldn’t make it over the step into it. Just watched first the sky then the ground ever closer. Funny how calm I was. Just said to myself- too bad, this is it, and quit struggling.

Then I thought of the little wife, how fine she was, how she would feel, married such a short time to have me, her husband, die in a crash! That rest must have done it cause this time I made it. Guess the tail hit me, anyway asI bailed a big wallop did this to my leg. I figure the chute couldn’t have popped much over 1,500 feet. That’s as close to violent death as I care to come. A Few more seconds in that plane would have done it. ‘C’mon, let’s play another game of chess.'”

My favorite story is Marilyn’s. When she knew Ed was coming home she got ready every evening with curlers in her hair and putting on her best dress in the morning to meet the trains each day. When the last soldier got off the train one day and saw her there, pretty and obviously disappointed, he said, “Mam, if he’d been on that train he would have been the first one off!”

One morning, still in her old night gown and hair in curlers, a knock at her window, and there was Ed! So much for all that preparation!

Ed always said The Dirty Dozen was his story. And so, he wrote it. And it was published in a November 11, 1989 issue of a North Platte, Nebraska the Saturday Telegraph newspaper as THE ORIGINAL DIRTY DOZEN. We have a computer printout of a webpage of the story from dated 4/22/2002. The pages were printed so that words in the right hand margin were partial making it unsatisfactory for reading so I retyped it.

The Original Dirty Dozen

Stalag Luft I, Barth

by Edwin Dunlap

This excerpt could easily be expanded to fill an entire book because, to me it was the most outstanding desire of all during my year and a half as a prisoner of war, to escape!

There were various ways tried by prisoners to get beyond those double barbed wire fences; climbing them, slipping between the wires, cutting through, tunneling under, or some sort of disguise to pass the guards at the gates.

Here’s the one I know every detail about. To begin at the ending, we spent three months of work involving over eighty men ending in heartbreaking failure. Starting from barracks seven, we dug four feet below the surface, three tunnels at once. The caved in remnant closest to the guard tower with two 90 degree turns in it, was actually a success though I was captured a half minute after I had crawled out into the grass. Since I was first, no one escaped.

It was plain foolish to start a tunnel, claimed most of the men in Luft 1 who had seen, actually, over ninety tunnel attempts caved in by the Germans since the camp started in October of 1943.

I was just that foolish, that much of an egotist to think that the plan I had would beat the Germans, and it was easy to find many eager men who felt that anything that might get them home was worth a try.

The original plan based itself on the Germans knowing seismographs (which we knew were located around camp) not only when we were digging but where, and also knew many tunnels were discovered through the difficulty of dirt disposal or through carelessness of tire diggers. Originally, all these weaknesses were to be overcome by enough men and preparation that we would tunnel to the outside so rapidly that though Jerry knew we were working, we would get out because he always seemed to let the eager diggers keep busy, where they could watch them, for a few days.

The block we chose was picked because it was only a sixty foot dig to a place to come up, whereas most barracks were at least a 150 feet to dig so not a choice spot to come out.

The entrance to our job was hidden from the Germans for two months until the first of our three operating tunnels was discovered. Three complicated tunnels, a far cry from our comparatively simple original plan, was soon found necessary as we realized how slow the digging was going to be.

To form this final plan and hold to it was my responsibility, as I started it. Actually, I used to have meetings of all the workers until our numbers got too great, to hear suggestions from all; and it was through these meetings, out in the middle of an open spot where no microphones or listening Germans could hide that we reached agreements on tactics.

Against us was a camp designed, through escape attempts of the first world war prisoners, to be as near fool proof as possible. Officers were not allowed to leave on work details as they had caused too much trtouble in the past trying to escape. So we set out to beat the camp with its many guards, guns, dogs, its barbed wire fnces and its determination to keep us.

Still, on the principle that the Germans knew by seismograph we were working we hoped to fool them by digging three at once. Then, after they, typically let us keep busy for a while, we would push three jobs as far as possible, hiding two for further work when they came around with their “cave in squad.” And this is exactly what happened.

The day after the number one tunnel had been discovered, I rounded up the men who were still willing to work.. some had changed their minds about escape when they saw so many marched off, under guard, to the cooler.

Back we crawled under the barracks, only this time our method was very short periods of “quiet digging”, disturbing the ground as little as possible. We were digging in the left tunnel, as the right tunnel had been so badly exposed when the Germans caved it in that we could not easily operate the number two tunnel on the right of the lost one. However, we kept it concealed from the Germans in case the second attempt in tunnel number three failed. Also, for three months or more, not using it ever as the Allies were doing so well in their advance across France, escape did not seem wise.

It was another example of the lesson we learned; optimism did pay. We stayed ten months longer than we might have had to in this camp, as the tunnel was cleverly hidden by filling in the entrance with sand, extended almost to the fence.

You might wonder why it should take us so long, in sandy soil, to dig sixty feet. I wish there was room to write all the interesting details so you could realize the answer to this question. Sometimes the tunnel would get ahead of the air supply crew as they hammered pipe out of margarine tins.

Often there were workers, especially in the soppy tunnel, who got sick and work was held up for replacements. Actual weeks were wasted because of the suspicion of the Germans, as we valued our efforts enough to stop work completely if we thought they were giving more than their usual close attention to our activities.

They had a large crew of men working day and night doing nothing but watch for escape attempts. This crew was led by a mean, blond former New York butcher boy, a Nazi. Our chain of guards could really only warn us of approach of the crew in time for us to come out of the tunnel and fill the entrance with sand. No one was to attempt to come from under the barracks if we thought extra attention was being directed, by Henry, the butcher boy, and his henchmen to the barracks we were working under, as that might give our efforts away needlessly.

Charlie Epstein was over the guards. The only time one of the guards worked in the tunnel was when one of the usual workers became sick but not too sick to replace the guard on his position. We tried to avoid extra people knowing about our work as it would have been easy for the Germans to send a spy in our midst.

The first tunnel had not been a total loss as we had leanred much by it. I for one learned why armies insist on discipline, the importance of details and meetings to be sure everyone knew our day’s plans. We learned after using a hundred hard to obtain cartons, for passing dirt from the well’ to the disposal area, in one day that we would have to find another container.

We had been using some of our metal eating bowls in the tunnels as there was no room to pass the foot square six inch high Red Cross carton. So, though the Germans had taken some of these bowls in their first raid, we rounded up thirty five of these and used them, between times they were used for meals, in passing the wet smelling sand all the way to the disposal area.

We expected them to find the first tunnel by seismograph, and by the extra sand under the low barracks, though the sand was hidden for a couple of months thanks to the earlier tunnel done by those men that chipped the hole in the concrete wall. They had in a hurry packed their sand alongside the ‘dog runs’ in a fairly thin wall extending to the floor, ten inches above.

We merely made a four foot T, pushed this all of sand along the ground, far back where we could not reach it without the pusher and put our sand in front where the wall had been. Finishing it with dry sand made it look so much as it had before that the search squad, as they looked under the barracks every three or four night, did not find our work for those two months.

But, after the discovery of number one, and its exposed well where number two was hidden, we had to work, bending every effort to hid it, number three. Since all available room under the low floor had by this time been filled, except new areas without even a wall to hide more sand, we had to use an area saved for this emergency. To lift the barracks away would be the best way to show the dog runs, our own hidden runs where we put our dirt; our cold wet workshop for three and a half months. Lifting the barracks away would show our tunnel efforts somewhat like this:








Edwin Veghte Dunlap

B:02/10/1921 San Leandro, Alameda, California, USA

D:17/05/2012 Pleasant Hill Cemetary, Military Section, Sebastopol, Sonoma, California, USA

We had a lovely ceremony at the cemetery attended by Ted’s family, including his mother, sister Susan, son Richard and children, uncle and cousins. Ted played some tunes on his trombone.































Monumental Vaccine News

This document published by members of the United Nations is long in coming and validation for thousands of vaccine damaged children and adults around the world. I saved it, and all the highlighting and red text is my doing to emphasize the information contained therein.

click on this link to read it in its entirety: Vaccine Mandates Violate the Right to Informed Consent copy

This is the original link to the document: Original Link

Whatever your pro vaccine beliefs are, I do hope you will read it and think about each different vaccine they write about, all the negative that is never allowed to be disseminated because of the billions of dollars they would lose if we were all awakened at once and refused these life altering and sometimes life ending v*ccines.

ALWAYS someone brings up polio, like the results would be different for that than for measles or chicken pox, or whatever you want to bring up. For you I also include two more documents for your perusal. I hope you will read them also.

On polio: Polio Vaccine & Polio Vaccine Iron Lung Cutter Incident

There is more information and it only takes some research online to find it.

Like this one when I looked up did diseases decline before vaccinations? 

PLEASE please, try to share this information with your children to protect your grandchildren. We have lost family ties for sending the video VAXXED to one child. Another daughter’s son developed asthma shortly after early vaccinations and her husband did email Ted for more information, but still they are completely incommunicado. We have only tried to educate them, never have been preachy or overbearing, and regardless, for holding an opposing belief we have been cut off.

While this makes us very sad, we will not change our stance on vaccination. 

I know more than one family who are raising TWO children with autism. I cannot imagine the load they bear and the worry they must have for the futures of those children. Many people have no idea that their children were damaged by vaccines. The entire medical community is in collusion to cover it up. Or, they are uneducated. 

I hope the document by members of the UN will wake some of them up that there is truth in the anti-vax movement and they need to begin educating themselves instead of accepting the word of those who are only in it for the billions of dollars in profit.


The Vaccine is The Show – all else is distraction or preparatory

This is the most important video you will ever watch in your life. Doctor Carrie Madej and Richie from Boston know full well the risks they take producing and publishing this information, but know it would be much worse for them and us if they do not.

These two epitomize Fearless and Knowledge; devote themselves and their lives to helping others understand The Big Picture. What do these troubling things we are witnessing today all have in common? What is the goal? What is the end game?

Please give this video 10 minutes – I promise you will want to watch to the end – and share in every way you can. Both Carrie and Richie are fully aware of the risks they take in creating and publishing this information, yet know to not share it is a much graver risk to themselves, you, I and all of humanity. Respect that.

Incredibly, with all she knows and so capably articulates, she remains optimistic that the good people will prevail. We will win this war that is taking place NOW.

Your worst enemies have your voluntary cooperation. Learn more about that. Cut them off. Their plans for you and humanity are much worse than anything you can imagine.

This video is easy on the eyes, easy on the ears, upbeat, terrifying, hopeful, spiritual, and, most importantly, crucial knowledge for our survival.

Somewhat unformatted notes I took while watching the video in the early AM

This is Biblical
World War III
The battle for the mind, body and soul.

This is the rest of your life
The sharpest turn in the history of humanity.

If we just say “NO”, it is over for them!

Many people are so worn down by the insanity that they will do whatever gives them hope of getting even a little bit of normalcy back – including taking an unproven, unknown vaccine. THAT has been the object of unsettling their worlds with masks, social distancing, race baiting, riots, violence, political theater, all the rest we have seen and the bigger things yet to be presented to us.

Carrie: I have such love and hope and faith that a large grass roots effort can save us. People need to ask themselves, “Why are the tech giants suddenly all involved in the vaccine business?”

You are going to be sicker after you get it! It will kill many, if not most in the first year. Possibly worse, what remains of your human parts may not be ALLOWED TO DIE.

Dr. Carrie Madej, “The COVID Test is Bullshit!”

This is the game changer FOREVER.

This is very much like The Wizard of OZ with that tiny little shriveled up man behind the curtain. I believe with all my heart that we can and will beat this scheme.

Do not facilitate their work: Eliminate “smart” phones, “smart” electronics, Facebook, Google and their other tools from your life.

Dr. Carrie Madej’s YouTube channel:
Warning: YouTube tracks you and everything you do after visiting their site. In addition to their blatant censorship, this is why I copy and share videos on my Brighteon Channel that does neither of those things.

Richie from

History is about to Repeat Itself

Check it out 👇

Shared from A friend

History is coming full circle again but this time you’re able to educate yourselves and stand up to the Medical Tyranny being perpetuated around the world. The millions of people in 1918 weren’t so fortunate and paid the ultimate price. ⤵️

“Autopsies after the war proved that the 1918 flu was NOT a “FLU” at all. It was caused by random dosages of an experimental ‘bacterial meningitis v*ccine’, which to this day, mimics flu-like symptoms. The massive, multiple assaults with additional v*ccines on the unprepared immune systems of soldiers and civilians created a “killing field”. Those that were not v*ccinated were not affected.” – Link below.

“Medical and scientific experts now agree that bacteria, not influenza viruses, were the greatest cause of death during the 1918 flu pandemic.” – Link below to article.

WE HAVE HAD A FLU V*CCINE FOR 78 YEARS AND THE FLU STILL KILLS BETWEEN 400,000 TO 650,000 PEOPLE EACH YEAR. Do you really believe another experiental v*ccine is the answer?

From January 21 – June 4, 1918, an experimental bacterial meningitis v*ccine cultured in horses by the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in New York was injected into soldiers at Fort Riley. They had around 6 MILLION soldiers to experiment on.

WW1 U.S. soldiers were given 14 – 25 untested, experimental v*ccines within days of each other, which triggered intensified cases of ALL the diseases at once. They decided to reclassify this as a new disease (Spanish Flu).

During the remainder of 1918 as those soldiers – often living and traveling under poor sanitary conditions – were sent to Europe to fight, they spread bacteria at every stop between Kansas and the frontline trenches in France.

When WW1 ended on November 11, 1918, soldiers returned to their home countries and colonial outposts, spreading the killer bacterial pneumonia worldwide.


MILLIONS of people are being asked to take multiple experimental v*ccines for a ‘virus’ that is not yet understood and has an incredibly low mortality rate in it’s current form.

I ask all of you to be cautious and educate yourself before allowing these companies to experiment on you and risk causing a much worse outbreak.

Education is your friend here. Look at sources from all sides, not just what the mainstream tell you.

My best advice to you is to learn about Terrain Theory and make sure your body and mind are healthy so you lower your risk for all diseases. You are made of pure energy and you must make time to clean the energies out of your system regularly.

You are a powerful being and are 100% responsible for the choices you make around your health. Now is the time to focus on achieving OPTIMAL HEALTH.…/dn14458-bacteria-were-the-r…/…/the-1918-spanish-flu-only-the-…/

Both links have already been blocked on the internet. The first one I signed up to receive updates and the second one, the author has a FB page here: with information found in this one and others equally informative. 

Let’s Talk 5G and CoronaVirus

FASTING – may be the cure for what ails you

Do you know anyone who has fasted for more than a couple of days, or a week even? I do now! My husband, Ted Dunlap!

Bible stories tell how Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. How many of you, like me, thought that a fairy tale? Well, this documentary tells of numbers of humans who have done exactly that, more less than 40 days, but some, even that many days of fasting.

Why would they do that?? What did they accomplish?? What did scientists learn from their fasting??

I was leaving Ted at home with the pets, garden and lawns to care for while I traveled to visit family in Washington, total time away 9 days. Ted felt this was the perfect opportunity for him to fast and he did for the entire time. Unfortunately, he physically hurt his back the first day, building a dam with rocks, no less, after I left and he was in terrible pain until a couple of nights after my return. With no food in his stomach, he used lidocaine patches for pain relief along with ice and reduced activity. Any sane person would have abandoned the fast and resumed eating and taking oral pain meds. Not Ted!

He had watched the video in this blog post and was interested in the results. Overall, he lost 16 pounds and now, more than two weeks later, has retained a 10 pound loss, his goal reached. He had plateaued and wanted to get below a certain weight.

More interesting to me are the health benefits that can be gained by a fast. If ever I am diagnosed with cancer, of any kind, the first thing I will do is a prolonged fast to kill the cancer. Obviously, the AMA is not interested in fasting as a cure for anything, and the documentary mentions other diseases as well, and for sure Big Pharma is not interested either, as neither would profit in any way, other than fasting with a condition is best done under medical supervision, as was the case in the documentary, and that could be a source for some profit by professionals offering that service.

Fabulous documentary on fasting. Years of scientific analysis on patients in Russia and Germany. Fast for a week, two, three weeks? How about 40 days? What are the physical and chemistry changes in the body? Patients cured of chronic physical AND mental illnesses with success lasting years and lifetimes.

Perhaps sustained levels of plentiful food is not really good for us and returning to periods of fasting is more natural and healthy. Big Pharma does NOT want you to know this information. If a majority of their loyal customers took up this practice they could lose huge profits.

One researcher’s interest in chemo patients who fasted prior to treatments, compared to normal protocol of increasing caloric intake, lead him to test lab rats with astonishing results.

Covi Vaccine update

And here is the latest info

Takeaway: The vaccines for coronavirus have been in production since 2002.

Immediate results were that antibody levels were better than anticipated. Ultimate results were that when test subjects caught the wild virus they were much sicker and/or died (all the ferrets and 2 of 35 children).

Those results have not improved.

The altering of subjects DNA will not be reversible.

Words to live by

Living in an Atomic Age (1948) by C.S. Lewis

“How are you to live in an atomic age? Why, just as you would have lived in the sixteenth century when the plague visited London almost every year, or as you would have lived in a Viking age when raiders from Scandinavia might land and cut your throat any night; or indeed, as you are already living in an age of cancer, an age of syphilis, an age of paralysis, an age of air raids, an age of railway accidents, an age of motor accidents.

In other words, do not let us begin by exaggerating the novelty of our situation. Believe me, dear sir or madam, you and all whom you love were already sentenced to death before the atomic bomb was invented: and quite a high percentage of us were going to die in unpleasant ways. We had, indeed, one very great advantage over our ancestors—anesthetics; but we have that still. It is perfectly ridiculous to go about whimpering and drawing long faces because the scientists have added one more chance of painful and premature death to a world which already bristled with such chances and in which death itself was not a chance at all, but a certainty.

This is the first point to be made: and the first action to be taken is to pull ourselves together. If we are all going to be destroyed by an atomic bomb, let that bomb when it comes find us doing sensible and human things—praying, working, teaching, reading, listening to music, bathing the children, playing tennis, chatting to our friends over a pint and a game of darts—not huddled together like frightened sheep and thinking about bombs. They may break our bodies, but they need not dominate our minds.”

Does a college education equal success?

Short video at PragerU

Does a college education equal success?

Jeremy Boreing, co-founder of The Daily Wire, doesn’t have a college degree. Neither do Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, or a host of other innovators who have shaped our contemporary world. Which begs an important question: Is a college degree really necessary for success?

Covid vaccine trial results – side affects and need for quarterly injections in increased doses

Links (1 & 2) to in-depth results you should read. Most important is that multiple doses will be required and side affects will be your personal medical responsibility due to complete legal immunity granted to manufacturers. That, however, is nothing new. All vaccines have the same legal immunity.

1. Big Pharma achieves total legal immunity for coronavirus vaccines; even as vaccine injections will be FORCED onto billions of people, potentially killing tens of millions

2. Moderna coronavirus vaccine causes side effects in over 50% of patients; antibodies disappear in 2-3 months, rendering the vaccine pointless

Covid vaccine: From the horse’s mouth

From an article this am, for those believing that a vaccine is the magic bullet: “Additionally, the FDA is expecting that any vaccine will (ONLY) be at least 50% effective, and is “shooting” for a vaccine that is at least 70% effective, Axios reported, meaning that even

a successful vaccine MAY NOT directly help millions of Americans who receive it…..

But even if those hurdles are cleared and the drug can be distributed widely and effectively, there are still concerns that an insufficient number of Americans will be willing to take the vaccine, making it far less beneficial as a result.

Americans were already growing skeptical of vaccines even before the pandemic. A recent Associated Press/NORC poll found that 31% were uncertain whether they would receive a vaccination, while approximately 20% said they wouldn’t.”

Because, like me, they aren’t willing to be injected with materials from cancerous cells, aborted fetuses and experimental DNA altering chemicals.

“And on July 27, a trial led by the NIH and Moderna, a Massachusetts pharmaceutical company, began with 30,000 American volunteers, which, if successful, could be its final test.”

Realize, that means the results will be based on short term, not long term, so it’s a BIG gamble, IMO. But for those who trust Big Pharma, the AMA, WHO and whoever, to have your best interests at heart, not the financial gain they have received to develop this cocktail, be my guest. I will be watching for the long term affects of a DNA altering vaccine.