Bitterroot Amateur Radio

Bitterroot Amateur Radio

communicating through thick and thin

Fully Informed Jury

Fully Informed Jury

the alternative to a ruling elite

Libertarian Party

Libertarian Party

whatever floats your boat as long as it doesn't sink mine

Super Pup, part 1

Missy’s Beagle Lab cross is more the former than the latter. Scooter is fundamentally a pack dog. She’s been pack-less nearly all her life. That is not the best situation for a Beagle brain. It has her more nervous than she would be in her natural habitat.

I am more attracted to dogs of […]

Scooter’s state

July 8, 2016 Scooter’s near death disaster. This may say the author is Ted but only the bottom three photos with captions. This is my story. Ted handled the crises well and wrote his story and posted it here

Ted is kicking himself for not having removed the cause before today. Yesterday, there was […]

first aid failure

I tested our first aid supplies, phone list, land-line telephone, backup telephone, radio network and found all of them wanting.

Many details to attend to and some significant repairs in planning/function.

A dog guest and Scooter were having a gay old time when she somehow impaled herself on a steel post I had tried to […]

redneck dishwasher

It is nice to be back in the world of dog

Scooter’s glove & slipper

These are from April 23rd.

Darling, adorable, sweet, affectionate Scooter does have a dark side. She does sometimes decide to chew on things we would rather she did not chew on. We quickly learned … and she quickly learned “Get in your cave” where she must stay while we are away.

Scooter is […]