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Mask, latest iteration

Now that masks are “mandatory” in some locales, I’ve decided that I had not yet arrived at the most efficient to wear. Also, I have decided that a single layer serves the purpose without compromising my oxygen intake any more than necessary, for however long I have to have it on my face.

This […]

No Sew T-shirt mask

This is REALLY EASY and comfortable, too.

1. Cut the hem off a T shirt. Discard. 2. Cut 2 – one inch strips for ties. 3. Cut strip the size mask you want. See shot below. You will have two. 4. Trim the sides to remove seams and straighten them. 5. Take one mask […]

Fast and Simple Mask with ties – no pleats to sew over.

Watch Video

Print Pattern Sheet: Simple Mask

I used flannel for the inside and you could use designer art prints for the front like she did in the video, or whatever you have. This mask is very comfortable.

Cut two, or 3 if you want a pocket, 8″ by 10″ (adult) or 7″x9″ (small […]

Open Letter to Dr. Fauci

I want to save this to refer to when the vaccine is mandated.

Open Letter to Fauci by Bill Sardi

Excuse me, Dr. Fauci

Shall I get my measles immunity papers also? You mean I can’t go to work or even get a job without having papers showing I have antibodies against each and every […]

Virus Scares – now and every election going back to 2002

I think I will at least post the link to this article by Bill Sardi at that has other links too numerous to count, pointing to the manipulation of this pandemic, if there really is one, to the detriment of first blacks (dark skinned), second the elderly, and other nefarious outcomes if you are […]

Curtains and more face masks

My kitchen window faces West and I’ve fought the setting sun for a couple of years and finally took out the two panels, that weren’t enough, and the two valances, combined them and successfully covered the window. I shortened them, and used the tops for new loops which move from side to side better […]

Face Mask: One minute no sew, no staple, no tape mask

Here is a very simple, no sew, no staple, no taping, highly effective face mask. They show a fabric filter that I don’t know where it comes from*, fold into a rectangle of fabric (large hankie or scarf) add two pony tail rubbers or circles of elastic, fold some more and wear. I see […]

Best Face Mask Instructions

Mask Pattern Instructions based on this YouTube video: 

How to sew a simple pleated face mask with just 5 lines (with nose wire and filter slot)

To print out; click on the words Mask Pattern Instructions at the bottom for the pdf. 


Update: Some of us are noticing that our machines are having a […]

Surgical Masks

These are no longer my favorites because there is no pocket for a filter!!! Check out my other two posts for masks.

Surgical Masks to Make

This one from Joann’s Fabric





or these look pretty good and the pattern is in 4 sizes:


non-handshake greetings

My wife sent me a video link on fist-bumping as a major improvement in social hygiene. You can see in the clip to the right that handshaking is a significant disease spreading vector.

I confess to having hand-shaking deeply embedded into my cultural norms. My circle of acquaintances are probably similarly programmed. I’m […]