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Bitterroot Amateur Radio

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Fully Informed Jury

Fully Informed Jury

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Libertarian Party

Libertarian Party

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The Vaccine is The Show – all else is distraction or preparatory

This is the most important video you will ever watch in your life. Doctor Carrie Madej and Richie from Boston know full well the risks they take producing and publishing this information, but know it would be much worse for them and us if they do not.

These two epitomize Fearless and Knowledge; devote themselves […]

Montana spring wheelbarrow

Mid-April has given us a number of beautiful warm days that we celebrated with yard puttering.

The wheelbarrow left behind from a clean-up project stands as a testament to the variegates Montana can send our way.

Four inches of snow on the heels of a Tee-shirt weather week.


ALERT: It is worse than hot out there

Many of us have noticed that the sun seems intense this summer. A friend who works outdoors says he actually feels the sun abnormally burning, boring-into his skin.

Another friend called yesterday reporting that their sophisticated photographic hobby drone refused to fly. It reported that:

the electromagnetic field was too intense for the drone’s controls […]


This guy has been visiting us lately … much to our visual and spiritual delight.

He is pretty shy, spotting me from over a dozen meters away, and flitting off. I had to zoom in with my magical Canon SX-710 from almost 20 meters to capture these photos.

We are all three so happy […]

post card from Conner

Warm spring-like, rainy and sunny weather had made all but the drifts of snow disappear.

Overnight last night that changed in a big way with about 4 inches of fresh, light, fluffy powder.

Picture perfect opportunity not to be missed.

Hey, what is all this stuff?

Conner Cabin front yard


take a hike

Lest I be accused of failing to stop and smell the roses…. We live in a lovely vacation paradise, so it is easy to just STAY here and enjoy the nature in our own back yard. But we took a break that I share here with you.


post card from Conner

It is a different world when the snow keeps on coming and we don’t have to go anywhere. We can just relax, smile and enjoy our snug little cabin. Better still, the storm is expected to be past by the time we do have places to go and people to see.

We are seeing snow […]

view ‘tween Conner and Darby

Heading in to Darby from Conner today, we passed this herd of elk. I pulled over. Missy shot ’em.

From the photo I counted 67 elk, but could easily be off by quite a bit either way. Regardless, they are beautiful. It is great that there are some good, strong herds here.


rare species

After over a decade in the Nampa, Kuna region of Idaho, I was quite accustomed to the gray squirrels who had so successfully adapted to that urban and populated rural environment. Moving into the South Bitterroot last spring has delivered us into a new world. Elk and deer are so regularly sighted that they are […]