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Fully Informed Jury

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Libertarian Party

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musical interlude

Mozart Piano Concerto No 3 in D major is a lovely piece, but to watch a 5-year-old smoke it out on a grand piano is an amazing treat.

While 20 adult musicians read and play their parts off sheet music, the diminutive Russian holds it all in his head.

More amazing is the power […]


In February I finally got around to checking out the monthly gathering of Bitterroot’s Ragtime Society. It looked good and they encouraged me to bring my horn next time.

March 5th was next time.

I brought my horn.

Mom and Missy also came along … my fan club … hadda make sure somebody liked the […]

Martini arrives

Missy came home yesterday evening with her “Baby Martin”, 3/4 Martin or, as I offered up, Martini. Missy likes the name. It is likely to stick.

She LOVES the guitar. It draws her to picking, strumming, studying and playing.

It is a pretty little thing and sounds nice.

Even Scooter seems to be […]

fresh expression

After a very brief foray into playing the way-too-harsh sounding Dobro, Missy plunged wholeheartedly into the autoharp. Serious shopping, study, upgrading, reconfiguring and playing followed in rapid succession.

The ergonomics didn’t work. She couldn’t play it for very long before various body parts began to complain. The autoharp just wasn’t going to work […]


Finally, missing string has been strung, 3 chord bars have been changed to new chords, and buttons installed for the strap. Now I can play my harp! Yippee! So excited to practice today! Fingers and hands are sore!