Twins Daughters Reunited

I’ve been thinking about doing the DNA test to see if I can find my father or a connection to his family. Maybe because that is in the back of my mind, this closer tie has surfaced.

I always said that if God ever gave me more than one baby at a time that I would keep one and give one away.

Well, it turns out that is what happened, Sara, you have a twin and I just found her. I have brought her home so you can meet her. She’s grown up, too, like you and has a reputation.

Apparently, she’s your “evil twin” because her name is Naughty Natalie. I was leaning toward the names “Nicole and Natalie” when you were born, well apparently, Natalie is the one I gave away. She is a fiery red head, making the cause of her troubles genetic, maybe, if there is anything to the “red hair” temperament theory.

I am posting pictures of both of you so you can see the resemblance. Uncanny, isn’t it???

I know it shows Natalie’s birthday as September 28, but you will remember that you were born a month early, August 28. Natalie probably uses the date you’d have been born had I not been rearranging the furniture getting ready for your arrival.

When you visit, next, we must get a photo of you with your twin, Naughty Natalie. Love, Mom