time warp floor covering

Our bedroom has been mired in 70s shag carpet for two years of our residency. Obviously for over 40 years before as well.

Who made this stuff thinking it would sell?

What miracle of marketing moved it into people’s homes?

What kind of people thought this looked good? Ever? Not me then, now or anywhere in between.

Even more mind boggling is the nicely finished hardwood floor the red/orange/green shag hid.

Yesterday we began the chore of moving OUT of our ‘master bedroom’, uncovering the hardwood, cleaning it up, hauling a couple hundred unwieldy pounds of stinky 50-year-old carpet outside, then moving back in.

Today we finished moving back in and cutting the carpet into manageable, moderately-heavy, stinky chunks for a dump run. There is NOTHING useful that can be done with it.

deck railing salvation

A lot of work got her to this point. All the Verathane, inappropriate for this application, had to be removed. Lots of sanding was required to make up for the weathering in just one year. But here is Miss Perseverance laying on the third coat of stain.

first aid failure

Scooter leaps out of snowbankI tested our first aid supplies, phone list, land-line telephone, backup telephone, radio network and found all of them wanting.

Many details to attend to and some significant repairs in planning/function.

A dog guest and Scooter were having a gay old time when she somehow impaled herself on a steel post I had tried to remove some time ago… but didn’t persevere as I rather obviously should have.

She set to screaming in obvious injured and confused pain trapped with this rod entering her gut and nearly exiting her back. Nobody but me could get close (she trusts me more than anyone on the planet, though she is more devoted to, and adoring of Missy than anyone on Earth).

I lifted her off the stake (gross me out – it had a 4″ cross piece at the top that had to come out of her). I did that part right, that is, the only way I can think it could have been done.

Major flap of bloody, raw, red, torn open side, but no guts spilling and not a lot of blood pouring out. That was DARN LUCKY. Cuz in my state of mind, with our current organization, I could not find a decent patch kit.

I couldn’t get the land line to work for me. Heck, I couldn’t find the vet’s phone number (magnetic card on the fridge) in my Rolodex. Turns out the phones in our area were coincidentally DOWN. I had guessed it was panicked operator error.

I couldn’t call the vet, or Missy on the phone! Okay, now I’m really nonplussed.

Get the @!%^#$% cell phone out of its metal box. I can’t make that work. No love between me and it ever – and certainly not now. (In “airplane mode” at the absolute far end of cell-phone coverage with intermittent if all else was good – all above my pay grade, particularly now).

Screw it all … Get the dog into The Beast. Start the 20-mile boogie to the Vet shop. The CRX woulda been slightly faster, but taken time to get the car cover off. A tradeoff I decided in favor of The Beast … run faster than I usually run it… turns out it is capable, I just never asked.

While I’m rolling, I call a friend who I know monitors the 2-meter radio. Ask him to call Missy’s cell phone. He doesn’t have the number. Oh well, on my own for dealing with the dog, vet and Mom who has appointments in town an hour and a half from now.
Scooter patched up
The vet shop was good. They hustled me straightaway into an examination room. I got the dog on the table without problems (like I said, she trusts me a lot).

She and I ended up on a thin pad in a concrete and Plexiglas kennel with me getting major butt-sore from working to chase away her terrors for the next hour.

I finally left the dog to the repair shop, boogied back upstream to fetch Mom to her appointments 15 minutes late.

On the way to the vet I had resolved to dig down a bit and CUT the dang post off like I shoulda thought to do before now. The owner of the dog Scooter had been playing with tore the steel post out of the ground with his bare hands while I was gone. He is definitely younger and stronger (than I ever was), but kind enough to suggest my attempts were at the wrong time of the year with frozen or hard-packed ground.

In all, a very unsettling day.

The good news is I did not dissolve into a puddle of panic. Step by step, I did logical things. While my setup was poor, my reactions were okay.

Someday soon, I WILL make some repairs to our EMERGENCY organization. In crisis mode, the luxury of pondering or ruminating is not available.

365 days of beans’n’rice

I’m told by our household nutritional expert that “beans and rice combine to make a complete amino acid”, which she says is all the food you need to survive on. She rather obviously doesn’t mean that as a whole truth, but I write in support of it as a foundation for keeping you and yours fed.

If you are paying attention, you are rightfully concerned about having a store of food for the day your favorite food store doesn’t.

If you are not already well stocked, I recommend your first step to be looking in your pantry to see a year’s supply of beans and rice for all who live under your roof. I do mean dried beans rather than canned.

As a foundation, the two can be purchased today on nearly any food budget in 20 or 25 pound sacks. As soon as you can, put those into 5-gallon buckets, ideally with those wonderful spin-on lids. But a couple of bags under your bed could be so much better than discovering not a morsel of food in the house if good fortune fails to shine upon you one day.

You now have a foundation upon which to maintain your diet and build your pantry.

The cells in your body will scavenge other essential nutrients if they have even a slight chance. Add in a trace of other elements to comprise a minimal healthy diet. Thus seasoning, side dishes, substitutes and other foods complimenting and varying what you serve up from this foundation will work amazingly well.

A friend mentioned the mountain of Vitamin C she keeps on hand. “I do not want scurvy”. Hard to quibble with that one. When fruit becomes hard to come by, an ascorbic acid tablet every day or two could make a major difference… at an extremely low cost (today).

There are many other enhancements to the beans’n’rice diet that make as much sense. Pursue them as you can. Just make sure to have the foundation right away. Build on it as soon and as much as practical.

That same friend has a mountain of 1-gallon water jugs, too. Water is crucial.
3 days without water
3 weeks without food
Make sure your priorities and planning keep them in order.