Bitterroot Amateur Radio

Bitterroot Amateur Radio

communicating through thick and thin

Fully Informed Jury

Fully Informed Jury

the alternative to a ruling elite

Libertarian Party

Libertarian Party

whatever floats your boat as long as it doesn't sink mine

icicle girls

book bonanza

I have been making custom bookcases and shelves in our compact cabin home for two years. We finally got to the point we could bring the last load of boxed-up books home … we thought. More on that in a bit.

In honor of the dozen boxes full of books we brought into our home […]

in the gutter

This spring break in January has allowed a number of outside projects to be completed either in much nicer weather than anticipated or months before I would have been willing/able.

Today I got to do the official, permanent (by trailer park standards) firewood shelter. It came together very well using scrap and scrounged material without […]

Favorite Hacks

Placing a plastic button in the middle of the tank lid greatly reduced the clank, most appreciated in the middle of the night visits to the commode.

Yada Yada Yard Art

These ladies had a booth at the Farmer’s market. I need more pics but I bought the cup and saucer and Carol bought the larger piece. Then I made one out of my Mercedes bling.

My teacup bird feeder

Carol’s Yard Art bird bath

Mercedes bling


Ted’s Studio


Water rising on the Eastfork

Here are photos of our river frontage. Water is up considerably and has cut the mowing area in half. That is the silver lining, I guess.

A tree that fell last fall, top half lying in the river, has caught another log.

Ted spent some time with Scooter at the Westfork recently acclimating her to […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Hallmark Holiday, Darling


dream home

Downsizing to the East Fork of the Bitterroot River in Conner! MontanaHere’s our new cabin on the river. The kitchen: Living Room: I will switch out these pics as we personalize it with our belongings. One more week in the old place and then we’ll be Home sweet home! Here’s our new cabin on the […]