driver training

Mackenzie has been bugging for driver training, or more accurately opportunities to drive – heck with the training.

Missy started lessons today.

shame on us

My postings here were distracted by impressive events on the home front. We trusted, loved, gave without measure of ourselves and resources. We were building family: a strong nuclear, multi-generational family in an extraordinarily healthy community.

In our dream the kids, who had a bad habit of moving on every year or two, would find our world so perfect in every way that they would cherish, treasure, and work together with us to build a dream we all could share.

After all, they said so. Repeatedly.

The Woman and the Snake

An old woman was walking down the road when she saw a gang of thugs
beating a poisonous snake. She screamed at the thugs and rescued the
snake, taking it back to her home where she nursed it back to health.

One day on their way into town, the woman picked up the snake and he
bit her repeatedly. “Oh God,” she screamed, “I am dying. I am dying!”
She turned to the snake and looked it in the eyes. “I saved your life.
I was your friend. I trusted you. Why did you bite me?”

The snake turned to face her as she drew he final breath and hissed,

“What did you expect? You knew I was a snake when you took me home.”

Silly old people.

Their unexpected, inglorious, dishonorable exit was much like this:

We are feeling a bit more like the bridge was not just burned, it has been effectively nuked.

Of course that thought brings to my mind this photographic set of Detroit and Hiroshima.
People of substance build.
Hollow people consume.

The homestead is now in productive hands, guided by experience and wisdom. The three of us are industrious by nature. We thrive on making positive changes with our minds and hands.

As we begin working through the layers of planning and implementing changes to be made, there turns out to be more silver lining than black cloud.

Twins Daughters Reunited

I’ve been thinking about doing the DNA test to see if I can find my father or a connection to his family. Maybe because that is in the back of my mind, this closer tie has surfaced.

I always said that if God ever gave me more than one baby at a time that I would keep one and give one away.

Well, it turns out that is what happened, Sara, you have a twin and I just found her. I have brought her home so you can meet her. She’s grown up, too, like you and has a reputation.

Apparently, she’s your “evil twin” because her name is Naughty Natalie. I was leaning toward the names “Nicole and Natalie” when you were born, well apparently, Natalie is the one I gave away. She is a fiery red head, making the cause of her troubles genetic, maybe, if there is anything to the “red hair” temperament theory.

I am posting pictures of both of you so you can see the resemblance. Uncanny, isn’t it???

I know it shows Natalie’s birthday as September 28, but you will remember that you were born a month early, August 28. Natalie probably uses the date you’d have been born had I not been rearranging the furniture getting ready for your arrival.

When you visit, next, we must get a photo of you with your twin, Naughty Natalie. Love, Mom






Scooter, second day

Dogs and Missy

Scooter ia adapting beautifully! We could not be happier. I first heard her bark when she spotted Ted in our living room while she and I were outside in the light of the windows for the final potty break. She hasn’t needed to bark since.

She alternates between walks, visits to our private dog park, supervising our activities, curling up in her bed, stretching out on the floor between us, and coming back for petting when I’m not tossing the ball for her. Who could ask for more.

Today Carol gave us a Kong treat toy, a great bouncing ball, a tennis ball and a rawhide chew. Now the living room is adequately strewn with toys, all my fault.

Stretched out


Looking back

It was great fun to see a herd of elk at the McDonald’s (dog park/game reserve today. Here is our scent hound watching them.


Scooter is doing great on the flexi-lead. Why do I want to call it a zip line?

Ted Scooter 1

Ted Scooter 2

Ted calls this “nose candy.”

Nose Candy

Nose Candy 2

Here’s Walkin’ My Baby Back Home, Can’t you hear it playin’?

Walkin My Baby Back Home

Then there’s the love, love, love!


And finally, mom gets a shake.

Scooter Shake

Now it is quiet time, tummy rubs and luvs and pats.


tummy rub

Scooter arrives home!

Scooter arrived yesterday brought to us by Nora Norum from Great Falls, Montana. These are pics Nora put in a Craig’s list ad that compelled me to contact her. Scooter is a Beagle (my favorite breed) Yellow Lab cross. Scooter1


Scooter and Kootenai met and were soon chasing around McDonald’s yard. Chase 1

Chase 2

New buds

Nora says goodbye to Scooter. Nora

She loves the bed that was once Bella’s, McDonalds previous best friend. Bed

She wolfed her dinner, and before bed (after several fruitless walks earlier), she peed on-leash. I hand fed her her breakfast kibble one, two or three pellets at a time, hoping she will feel fuller and not be mopping up every piece of loose lint from the floor.

Fetch, up and down the hall with a ball, was fun before her breakfast. She is a real cuddler, very rewarding for Ted and me.

She also has a bed on the floor where Ted can pet her from his side of the bed. We only had to tell her “off” twice (of our bed) before she settled into her sleeping area for the night, from 10 pm until 7 am. After an exciting day we were all exhausted. We did not need to gate her in her sleeping area.

Now to be able to have a bowel movement on leash and we will be really happy. A long walk should accomplish that. She has had two servings of high quality food.