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Ted as biker chick coach

1979 Honda XL75 and new rider … more than 20 years its senior

My brother-in-law has over 35 years riding, and tinkering on them, now with a stable of Harleys. There was this little Honda training bike taking up valuable garage space until his vertically modest sister sat on it during a recent visit we made to his house.

He did a thorough mechanical restoration, added rare bits to make it street legal, then delivered it to his sister. He, she and I have been working on rider training for about a week now, starting with a bike strapped down, rear wheel in the air. 

As you might understand, kick starting, left foot shifting, left hand clutching, separate front (right hand) and rear brake (right foot) … there are a lot of crusty female synapses that have to be reprogrammed. But she was an avid bicyclist in her childhood, so some stuff seemed natural. 

We now have a daily pattern of my riding the little thang to the high school faculty parking lot while she drives her van. There I watch and answer questions, make suggestions, film and cheer her on.

She’s getting it. Loving it. Studying online. Signed up for the earliest appointments available to take Montana written test for permit to learn (September!!!) and for the earliest available MMRS basic rider course (July 29-30).  By the time The State is ready to permit her onroad training, she’ll have passed the riding portion and get The Big M on her license. 

Over here is a video of her giving a walkaround of the XL75

Here is a sample of her doing parking lot rider training

Patrol Bike (BMW R1200RT-P)

Dr Zee (Suzuki DRZ400SM) with Bitterroot River background

I try to giver her new information in bite-sized portions. As the crucial bits become automatic, we add smoothness and such to the package.

We still aren’t ready for the street, but she is getting very, very close.  Besides, we live in Darby. There isn’t much to it, and her expected route is small, low-speed and simple. 

The XR75, her mini-thumper, gets buzzy by 25mph and absolutely maxes out around 42.

She won’t be riding much with me while I’m on Dr Zee,
and fershur not accompanying my Patrol Bike.