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Nelson Reunion 2022

Had a ball with my siblings in Monument Colorado, home of my sister Janice and her husband, Warren Santino! It started off when Ted and I arrived at the BMW dealership in Lakewood at 2 pm to pick up the bike he’d purchased. It was 6 pm before we were able to get on the road, Ted following me pulling the car hauler with the Z Wagon (suburban) in rush hour Denver traffic, with only my cell phone mapping to get us to Monument, an hour away.¬†We made it!

Next morning Ted was off on his adventure to Pike’s Peak. He returned successfully, thank heavens! He would have turned around half way but it wasn’t possible. You can read his story here.

When Ted got back he wasn’t able to make the turn in the yard and, lucky for him, help was on the way and the bike was loaded on the trailer for the trip home.

In red, on the left, is Ed and Joanne’s son, Eric. We enjoyed meeting him.










We enjoyed breakfasts and dinners together, walks, talks, hugs, dancing, laughing, a little Skyjo, and so much more. Our chefs were Warren and Joanne. Kami and Bill brought cucumbers, yellow crooknecks and zucchini from their garden and tomatoes from her brother’s that were roasted and seasoned to perfection to accompany lasagna one night and Warren’s succotash another. YUM!!!

One morning, Janice came downstairs playing WE ARE FAMILY on her cell phone and we all sang and danced to the lyrics. Great FUN!

Another activity was looking at photos Janice had gathered for us to look at while Laurel was there in case she could help identify some of the people in the really old ones. Diane has a new fast scanner and took most of them home so that she can distribute digitized versions for all of us.

Loraine playing and Kenneth (dad) singing on a rare visit.

Dad far right on bicycle.

Loraine and all the kids! Barbie (next to Loraine) and I had the same haircut.

Ted and I stayed an extra day and Janice’s sons, Wesley and Wyatt (and Wyatt’s girlfriend, Carissa) were able to visit so we could meet them.

I took selfies with EVERYONE!

Ted & Missy

Laurel, our cousin, and Scott Farrell

Kami & Bill

Ted & Ed








Diane & Monte

Carissa is a Cosplay costume and makeup artist, among other talents. Very sparkly personality.

Barbie & me