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Seattle Fun 2022

Video of these carts in motion.

So much fun with family! Visited mother, Esther Bishop, every day. She wanted PIE so I brought her chocolate cream one day, then bought apple and pumpkin to eat on Sunday with the Thanksgiving dinner Cory Mason was making but she wanted to “go” before we ate and I forgot to take her any. Last day I brought her cheesecake, a large bag of assorted candy bars, and a beautiful orchid. I brought labels and labeled everything.

First day I gave her the “Baby Bruce (Bishop)” doll. First two days I cleaned out her 12 drawers and filled a large box and her trash bin with trash. Then I began organizing all the cards and letters I’ve sent her the past several years and put them in the biggest binder they make. They filled it! And I added photos to her bulletin board and made note of some that need to be added.

We even got Larry Leighton on a video call the day Joseph Bishop was there with me. Larry is making knife handles from Hawaiian Koa wood. Now I need the names of his children so that I can track down some photos for mother of her grandchildren, hopefully on Facebook.

Mother gave me her turquoise ring and I took a photo of it on my finger between our faces so when she wonders where it got to I can show her.

My room at the inn (my daughter, Sara Mason’s home in Des Moines) is lovely. It’s actually Kenzie’s room. She was away at school and will be home soon but I will miss connecting with her. I took photos of Joseph and I having lunch where Kenz hostessed all summer, Anthony’s restaurant. The food and service was fabulous and I told everyone that I was Kenz’s grandmother.

Lots of great conversations with my daughter, Sara, and added pounds with Chef Cory’s excellent cooking.

Kastle, age 9, was so good with mother when he visited her and she visited him. His hugs are priceless. He’s also an excellent artist, able to copy anything he wants to. We had time together at his treehouse rope swing, too. One of his fears is spiders, and I told him how I had the same fear at his age, and my church had a kids group that earned badges in things and I did one for spiders. I had to learn a bunch about spiders and catch some, too. That was when I got over my fear of them. Knowledge replaces fear, I explained.

I also attended my 50th Cleveland High School reunion, two years delayed due to Covid. My best friend didn’t make it from Sacramento but I enjoyed telling my choir and ensemble teacher how much I loved his teaching and how much it meant to me.

Mr. Asher and his wife attended, along with three other teachers.