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Monumental Vaccine News

This document published by members of the United Nations is long in coming and validation for thousands of vaccine damaged children and adults around the world. I saved it, and all the highlighting and red text is my doing to emphasize the information contained therein.

click on this link to read it in its entirety: Vaccine Mandates Violate the Right to Informed Consent copy

This is the original link to the document: Original Link

Whatever your pro vaccine beliefs are, I do hope you will read it and think about each different vaccine they write about, all the negative that is never allowed to be disseminated because of the billions of dollars they would lose if we were all awakened at once and refused these life altering and sometimes life ending v*ccines.

ALWAYS someone brings up polio, like the results would be different for that than for measles or chicken pox, or whatever you want to bring up. For you I also include two more documents for your perusal. I hope you will read them also.

On polio: Polio Vaccine & Polio Vaccine Iron Lung Cutter Incident

There is more information and it only takes some research online to find it.

Like this one when I looked up did diseases decline before vaccinations? 

PLEASE please, try to share this information with your children to protect your grandchildren. We have lost family ties for sending the video VAXXED to one child. Another daughter’s son developed asthma shortly after early vaccinations and her husband did email Ted for more information, but still they are completely incommunicado. We have only tried to educate them, never have been preachy or overbearing, and regardless, for holding an opposing belief we have been cut off.

While this makes us very sad, we will not change our stance on vaccination. 

I know more than one family who are raising TWO children with autism. I cannot imagine the load they bear and the worry they must have for the futures of those children. Many people have no idea that their children were damaged by vaccines. The entire medical community is in collusion to cover it up. Or, they are uneducated. 

I hope the document by members of the UN will wake some of them up that there is truth in the anti-vax movement and they need to begin educating themselves instead of accepting the word of those who are only in it for the billions of dollars in profit.