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Masking Children – unintended consequences

I cannot take credit for writing this, but I certainly am going to share it.

Something to be aware of! I would say a pretty good reason for children not to wear masks!

Imagine looking for a child in a sea of masks.

Do you know who this child is?

If you were on planet Earth during 2002-2003, you most certainly do. This is Elizabeth Smart.

Elizabeth was abducted at knife point from her own bed at age 14 by a monster couple, and hidden a few miles away from her home at a camping site in the mountains. She was brutally raped for 9 months, while the whole country was actively searching for her.

This is her at a party with her abductors. MASKED.

Everyone was searching for her. Nobody saw her.

This is NOT a mask debate. I’ve been watching thousands of you have this fight over the last month, I don’t want any part of it. I will not debate whether it violates one’s rights, or the efficacy of the mask. If that’s the direction you want to take this, whether for or against, take your fight elsewhere. Might I suggest your own page.

But…what I will say, is that our children are 66,667 times more likely to be trafficked than to succumb to covid 19.

Our Governor here in MT has mandated mask wearing for ALL children 5+.

And in a country where 421,394 kids went missing LAST YEAR (per the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children), I am far more concerned as a parent about the longterm fallout of empowering predators and removing children’s ability to be seen and effectively searched for.

When Elizabeth was masked, it was abnormal…it was strange. In fact, on a separate occasion Elizabeth was taken to a public library by her captors. A concerned caller alerted the police because Elizabeth’s striking blue eyes (the only thing visible while wearing her covering) convinced them that she was the missing girl all over the news. Detective Jon Richey investigated the situation, having an in depth conversation with the trio.

-Richey testified he had arrived at the library believing it was “a long shot” for anyone to recognize a person from his or her eyes alone. He said nothing that occurred during his 30 minutes at the library convinced him otherwise, and he left.-

Now imagine looking for 421,494 children in a sea of masked children.

Imagine an AMBER ALERT that says: AMBER ALERT issued in your county. Young girl is described as being 3′6″ with black hair and brown eyes, last seen wearing a black facemask.

You look at the picture of her beautiful little face…then look up from your phone, and see nothing but masked children. It’s mandated. Celebrated. Responsible. Normal.

800,000 children go missing every single year worldwide. Children that desperately need to be seen, and found. I won’t argue the efficacy of masking, or whether it’s your right to refuse it.

But, I will leave you with this…

…if children are statistically more likely to be abducted/trafficked/victimized than to die of covid, why are we masking them?

For their safety? Or ours?

If you’re a concerned parent, I suggest you call and write your local leaders. Keep the issue focused, don’t get stuck in the weeds.

VOICE your concern for the “new normal” we’re allowing. Ask for common sense policies that take into consideration the potential long term fallout from any short term policy solution.

For Montanans:

Governor Steve Bullock
PO Box 200801
Helena MT 59620-0801

By phone:
Toll Free: 855-318-1330

SHARE this post to raise awareness, if you feel led.

Copy the text and download the pics to share as original content with YOUR leader’s contact info.

And please lead and respond with kindness. Always.