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New Days of the Week and Covid data reviewed

Love meeting my siblings on Zoom each week!

In the spirit of protests and political correctness I offer to change the days of the week to the following because that’s the best day of the week and should say so.

And… I am so proud of a local group: Stand Together For Freedom and the document they submitted to our county commissioners in response to our county health officer resigning. Mind you she wants all her benefits, but not the job. Anyway, I hope you will take the time to read it because you may need to take similar action in your counties.

Hint: click on the blue text “document” above to view the pdf.

I hope you will also listen to this 14 minute video on the Covid data.

By now, almost everyone knows that the fatality rate and even the infection rate of COVID-19 is outrageously exaggerated. If there is any lingering doubt in your mind about this, her latest additions to the existing mountain of evidence should remove it. The second part of Dr. Popper’s analysis is even more important because it deals with what lies ahead, and that reveals the motive for faking the pandemic in the first place. This is one clear-headed and fearless lady. 2020 July 23 – Source: Pamela Popper

Click on the blue “video” text above to view video. 

This is the source for the video.

and you will find this message there:


Our videos were disabled last month by Vimeo because of our skeptical view of the pandemic. We quickly found a way to re-activate them without Vimeo or YouTube, but this requires uploading many video files, and the process is slow. Meanwhile, if you see “Sorry, this video does not exist”, click on “Source” below the video and you likely will find what you seek. 

Try this link:

Fake COVID Data & What Lies Ahead Because of it

If this link doesn’t work, let us know, and Ted is using to upload videos and will add it here