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First Aid Kits

It’s time to get re-certified for CPR & First Aid. There is a class coming up in July that I plan on taking.

We have recently purchased the cadillac of first aid kits. IMO, of course. The first consideration, was for my husband, who had to handle an emergency at home alone with our beloved dog, Scooter. Having gone through it, and it was a bad experience, he has strong opinions on what is a GOOD first aid kit.

So, with no limits on expense, and having previous knowledge of this kit, we finally purchased it the AMP 3. It is the larger orange roll-up in the photo. This is where it can be purchased. $420 price tag but with a discount at checkout paid $360 and 7 lbs loaded.

Here is a list of contents. Unfortunately, it’s not too readable, but you get the idea, it’s a long list. ]

Amp 3-1st Aid Kit

And, there is a video, if you can score one, that explains every item in the kit.

The AMP 3 is comprehensive, expensive, and organized to the max.

Notice that when rolled out it has pockets containing “modules” to treat different emergencies. You can label the pockets, change things around and re-label the pockets, too. This saves a lot of time looking for what you need.

Unlike this kit, Lightening X, I found on Amazon, that is loaded with lots of stuff, but how does one organize it for efficient use? It is $300. see it here

We already have a variety of small kits in our vehicles. The one in my trunk is very old and I have added some things to it but it could still use some updating. For one thing, it is an old vinyl suitcase that has held up well over many years, but if you want to find something fast, not so good compared to what is available now.

The AMP 3 is stationed at our front entry along with a smaller kit I made for using around the house and property. It has a much smaller list of contents, of course, and was made with a toiletry bag that I purchased at a yard sale for fifty cents. These bags are often found in thrift stores, too. Nice thing about it is that it can be hung from a door knob, or any other sticky-outy you happen to find.

Contents of DIY kit: alcohol, peroxide, threaded needle (in a small bottle), tweezers, scissors, lavender & Vit E oils, roll of gauze, 2×2 & 3×3 pads, 3 rolls of tape, variety of smaller bandages, Sling, cotton swabs & pads, dropper, measuring spoon, colloidal silver spray & gel, benadryl tablets, throat lozenge, thermometer, disposable ace wrap, and a syringe.

I have yet to go over this list to add any obvious oversights. Moving on…

Here is a kit for $33 to $100, depending on which one you select, 3 lbs, that is also very well organized. see details here

and is quite compact:

Here is the roll-up style on a smaller scale: The 12 Survivors at 2 lbs

One review on YouTube said that it was a good bag (hard to buy bags without the contents) but that you would have to add a lot to it to make it valuable. The contents are rather weak. So, perhaps the next one is the one I would recommend for those on a budget.

Possibly, for the money, saved the best for last: the Adventure for $50, 1.5 lbs, also well organized and compact. see details here

Here is a good checklist to work with when you inventory your first aid kit:
Medical kits lists