Winner was lady 106!!! Marilyn just a junior at 92, didn’t make top 10. Had a fun time taking granddaughter Mackenzie with us.

Dominic (cowboy poet & mayor of Hamilton) directed car parking and as I returned to Saphire Home I shook his hand and congratulated him on the mayorship. Alene Tunny, Soroptimist president, MC’d and Dominic told a joke and read a poem he wrote.

He read the name tags on the three ladies at the first table and the joke was the three of them in a bar ordering shots of whiskey and a “tiny bit of water”. The third round the bar tender asked them why the “tiny bit of water” and they replied that, at their ages, they can hold their liquor but not their water.

We three got a round of applause for our fascinator hats and outfits. Today, Alene called and wanted a quote from Marilyn to send in with our photo for an article in the newspaper. What fun!