Leprechaun + Mercedes
We got home late yesterday from fetching the Leprechaun. It took all day, four hours each way to Kalispell and back.

When we got there it started raining and it began leaking around the window of the dinette and then from the AC in the ceiling. I climbed up top and checked under the cab-over section but found no sign of any leaking there, much less any rot. It did smell a bit musty but, hey, it’s 34 years old!!! I didn’t notice it after a while.

But, the leaks didn’t go over well. And Ted was complaining that the tires were 24-50% not 75% as the salesman we talked with told us. (He was conveniently gone to a doctor’s appointment.) So, the manager came out and he and the salesman both said that the fella they took it in from said he had fixed all the leaks. Well, it hadn’t rained until that moment so they had no way to know it leaked. He said he wouldn’t hold us to the $500 non-refundable deposit, that they had lots of people interested in it.

He offered to knock off $900 from the price and the salesman got some tape and some goop and managed to stop the window leak. The rain was less during the trip home and they gave us a gasket for the AC leak, and a new light fixture for the exterior door light because it was missing the cover which may have been contributing to the leaks, and a gallon of sealant for the roof at cost. We bought a spill proof dog bowl, and Scooter was thirsty, and some new-fangled leveling/block gizmos.

There is a lot for me to learn before I will know how to operate everything but I am excited about Ted teaching me and us learning some things together.

I drove it home; it runs great!. Flathead is a BIG lake! I look forward to going back that way with the camper some day and taking our time.

Tomorrow it gets a new stereo and Friday it gets a going over from our mechanic. That leaves Saturday and Sunday for Ted to do any more repairs that might need to be done before we take off for Nebraska. I have boxes of things ready to load and a few more things to gather or purchase before it is packed and ready for travel.