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Dog Grooming Aid

It takes two people to groom Scooter’s nails because she is so skittish. I was hoping that now, after a year, she would have improved. Indeed she has, however, nails are still difficult.

So, how do professionals do it? Do they call and ask friends to come over and help hold the dog? Do they sit on the floor struggling with an uncompliant dog? No, they have the means to get the job done single handedly because they use industry tools.

Do I have $100 for a grooming table that reviewers post are only just adequate for a 25 pound dog and mine is closer to 40 pounds? No, and I wouldn’t want that one. We don’t have a space to dedicate grooming equipment like this, but it is what I want.

Pro grooming table

Photo (above) from this article on choosing a grooming table

But, the handyman I am married to has two fold-up sawhorses and a piece of plywood, just the right size. There is also the covered firewood storage cross pieces to hang my tools from.

Purchased a rubber mat ($5) to put on the aluminum box for secure footing up to the new temporary grooming table. Reconfigured one leash into back haunch loops, and borrowed the rug from the back porch. Images I viewed showed a single loop under the back end, maybe that would be sufficient.

Temp grooming table

Yesterday, I set it up and baited Scooter onto the table with irresistible meat scrap treats and repeated that again today. I hooked her up for photos and released and rewarded her again.

Scooter on table

Next time I intend to trim her nails. I can see I will need to shorten both restraints a little more, they were a bit loose. I don’t have much working room height wise where I am set up. Anyone taller would brain themselves trying to work in the same space.

If this works well I will save for a grooming arm, unless Ted makes me one, and I will need a more substantial table top to clamp it to, so that I can work under cover when the weather is bad.

Update. Ted got home with the truck and the grooming case riding in the back. Fifteen minutes later Scooter’s nails were trimmed and filed. She received lots of praise and caresses during the process, not one rebuke, and still retrieved a treat from the table after she was released. And I did it all by myself.

It was the most positive nail session we have ever had.