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After a very brief foray into playing the way-too-harsh sounding Dobro, Missy plunged wholeheartedly into the autoharp. Serious shopping, study, upgrading, reconfiguring and playing followed in rapid succession.

The ergonomics didn’t work. She couldn’t play it for very long before various body parts began to complain. The autoharp just wasn’t going to work out as well as hoped.

Enter the guitar.

First a decent toy-grade little one. Thirty bucks risked.
No more plunging too deep before ascertaining the fit.

Once again the research, study and wholehearted plunge into making it turn music out.

Okay, it fits.

Missy Guitar Phase II

Not being jumbo sized herself, she decided a 3/4-size guitar would be the best bet ergonomically. Again with her typical application of research, she landed on a 3/4-sized Martin guitar.



Oh yeah, I like that name: Martini.

She’s having an awful lot of fun right away.

Nice work, Honey.