I have two bobbin cases, the original that I ruined for regular thread when I tweaked it to accept button thread and other heavy threads used for sewing upholstery, leather, etc., and the replacement that I use with regular thread.

I have been sewing Ted’s new upright bass carry case as it is falling apart. I also changed out the zipper in his favorite jacket. And there were other things I was sewing, like a dog pack I have been working on, that all required heavy thread.

So, when I wanted to switch back to my regular bobbin case I could not find it anywhere. Gee, did it fall into the waste basket when my tackle box of sewing tools got dumped when something fell onto it when I was reorganizing the shelves above it???

Bobbin Case1

Sure way to find it is to have Ted buy one when he goes to Hamilton. The one he brought me did not fit so it would have to be returned and they would have to order one. So, I look into my tackle box again. Can you see the bobbin case?

Bobbin Case