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Scooter’s Adventures

Rawhide 1


Scooter has been growing in confidence every day. We are enjoying her immensely!

When we both had to be gone for a few hours I loaded her Kong with peanut butter and treats. Unfortunately, and fortunately, at some point she needed to relieve herself and we came home to a very-happy-to-see-us Scooter. Luckily, she chose well where to potty, near the entrance (no carpet), but do to some lack of forethought, she was unable to return to the familiarity of her bed to wait for us and that surely added to her stress of being left. Obviously, we did not scold her but loved her up a bunch to reasure her.

Today we will borrow a crate so that won’t happen again.

Because she is so food oriented, hand feeding her breakfast included training this morning, after her constitutional. We are starting with stay, come, sit (which she is already familiar with), and down. It was easy to make her crawl, too, once she got the down command, just keep moving her kibble.

She was even entertaining herself a bit, while I made breakfast, with her new squeaky ball. I purchased a Nyla treat bone but it didn’t last 5 minutes before it was destroyed. It will be exchanged next trip to the store.

Ted had the great idea to spread peanut butter on her rawhide donut and she licked it off. Next he said to squeeze it into the cracks and she hasn’t stopped working on it for half an hour now. So, another breakthrough, she can be taught to chew on an appropriate item.

We have been on two long walks with the walking club and she thoroughly enjoys them, people and new sights, but mostly the smells. She has also met the neighbor children and pets and warms up to each one immediately.

She still reacts when I step on the first twig or two on our walks but after that she starts ignoring the sound. She is also barking an alert when she first sees people and quiets as soon as we acknowledge her alert. She is going to be very easy to train but I think it will be a long time, if ever, she will be able to be trusted off leash with that scent-hound nose of hers.