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Scooter, second day

Dogs and Missy

Scooter ia adapting beautifully! We could not be happier. I first heard her bark when she spotted Ted in our living room while she and I were outside in the light of the windows for the final potty break. She hasn’t needed to bark since.

She alternates between walks, visits to our private dog park, supervising our activities, curling up in her bed, stretching out on the floor between us, and coming back for petting when I’m not tossing the ball for her. Who could ask for more.

Today Carol gave us a Kong treat toy, a great bouncing ball, a tennis ball and a rawhide chew. Now the living room is adequately strewn with toys, all my fault.

Stretched out


Looking back

It was great fun to see a herd of elk at the McDonald’s (dog park/game reserve today. Here is our scent hound watching them.


Scooter is doing great on the flexi-lead. Why do I want to call it a zip line?

Ted Scooter 1

Ted Scooter 2

Ted calls this “nose candy.”

Nose Candy

Nose Candy 2

Here’s Walkin’ My Baby Back Home, Can’t you hear it playin’?

Walkin My Baby Back Home

Then there’s the love, love, love!


And finally, mom gets a shake.

Scooter Shake

Now it is quiet time, tummy rubs and luvs and pats.


tummy rub