Soroptimist Ladies’ 90+ Tea 2018



Winner was lady 106!!! Marilyn just a junior at 92, didn’t make top 10. Had a fun time taking granddaughter Mackenzie with us.

Dominic (cowboy poet & mayor of Hamilton) directed car parking and as I returned to Saphire Home I shook his hand and congratulated him on the mayorship. Alene Tunny, Soroptimist president, MC’d and Dominic told a joke and read a poem he wrote.

He read the name tags on the three ladies at the first table and the joke was the three of them in a bar ordering shots of whiskey and a “tiny bit of water”. The third round the bar tender asked them why the “tiny bit of water” and they replied that, at their ages, they can hold their liquor but not their water.

We three got a round of applause for our fascinator hats and outfits. Today, Alene called and wanted a quote from Marilyn to send in with our photo for an article in the newspaper. What fun!

website security and reliability

In February I changed hosting services. That took a lot more learning than I expected. It also had a large number of failures before my perseverance finally resolved the myriad details that had to be addressed exactly so.

Even before I finally achieved the reliability in presentation and fluid ability to post new articles to my sites, I began getting messages suggesting I really, really ought to convert to the more secure access offered by “HTTPS”, as opposed to unsecured plain HTTP.

Enter, once again, more details that I did not know and had to learn about.

Today I think my websites are reliably, consistently up on HTTPS with improved security for thee and me… obviously that includes Missy’s website.

To take advantage of that, you merely need to add the “S” to my (Missy’s) website address, changing nothing else, then save your updated bookmark to my (her) page.

Maybe now I can spend more quality time with my shop tools.

I far prefer banging on things with hammers rather than keyboards.

Libertyville Sheriff’s Office

Libertyville Sheriff’s Office, How may I help you?

This is Homeland Security, we need you to detain any illegal aliens you find, for us.

LSO- sure when we get some we will hold them for you.
HLS- do you have any there now?
LSO- nope our jail cell is empty right now.
HLS- you have no one in jail right now?
LSO- yes, that is right, we have no one in our jail.
HLS- ok, we will need a list of all gun owners there.
LSO- ok, do you have a phone directory of Libertyville?
HLS- ah, no
LSO- would you like me to send you one?
HLS- Why would I need a phone directory of Libertyville?
LSO- well, you asked for a list of gun owners and that is the most complete list of people here that has guns.
HLS- WHAT!!!!, why would every one there have a gun?
LSO- for protection.
HLS- for protection? do you have that much crime there?
LSO- no
HLS- then why does everyone have a gun, if there is no crime?
LSO- we have no crime because everyone has a gun.
HLS- but, but what about the gun free zones?
LSO- we do not have any here.
HLS- not even in schools, movie theaters, malls?
LSO- nope.
HLS- you people are crazy!
LSO- thank you, you have a nice day now.

Memorial Day Car Show

The Hamilton Montana Bitterrodders car club helped put on a fund raising car show for the Valley Veterans Service Center on a beautiful Memorial day. It was cleverly designed where people showing their cars donated ten bucks to the cause and admirers voted for their favorite cars by putting dollar bills in the cups in front of each.

I put my “rat rod CRX” in as a minor contribution. Someone (not me, I swear) put a buck in the cup in front of my car … a sympathy vote, fershur.